Marsh Deer (Blastocerus dichotomus)

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The Truth About Diamonds. 💎

I was thinking about it today, why did she have 4 or 5 pictures of herself in the center of her fictional book?

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Rule #1 always post the rules. 
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My questions:

1. When you were an itty bitty child what did you think you’d grow up to be? 

A Doctor! Always, even though I never stopped drawing, i so desperately wanted to be a Doctor. I think I can still understand why. 

2. Favourite mode of expression? Drawing, sewing, music, etc. 

Making music! or Singing. Drawing also. Actually, writing too. Pretty much anything, they all just help me in different ways. Singing/making music is for when I’m frustrated, drawing for when I need to relax, writing for when I’m in need of detachment, sewing for when I have too much energy/restless, etc etc.

3. If you could have any other name what would it be? 

That’s a good question! I’ve always wanted different aliases since I was a kid.
I think I’d go for Anastasia? there’s a billion other ones I’d like also.

4. What do you have in your bag/purse/wallet right now? 

My puffer, my phone, my lipgloss, change purse, artists cards picked up from a con, coffee shop napkins, eyeliner?

5. You can live in any fictional universe. Which do you pick? 

This is tough!! I think I’m still a bit of a sucker for Harry Potter because I love the idea of witches and wizards existing, though I think Kiki’s Delivery Service is a good alternative. I’d say some others but I’d want it to be safe enough for living, adventurous enough for fun. Sailor moon? Castle in the sky? Lord of the rings? Gravity falls? Avatar (airbender/LoK either one)? euughhoeug?

for now I’ll say Kiki’s delivery service

6. Do you like to cook? If so what’s your fav thing to make? 

I do!! I do not know if I am good at it, but I like to make frittatas and also stir fry’s !  

7. Have you ever actually dry cleaned your dry clean only items? 

Yeahh! If I buy expensive stuff I gotta treat it with respect, I spent good money on that ish.

8. Favorite movie/tv show? 

I tend to not watch/keep up with many shows because I’m a lazy arse.
True Detective definitely in the forefront, although i absolutely adore Orange is the new black, quite like what I’ve seen of Game of Thrones, and BBC Sherlock. I also really like the Mindy project and Portlandia (Parks and rec is cool but can everyone stop getting married all the time?). oh and the american ver (never seen the original so i can’t judge)  of the office before steve carell left 

9. Way over done question but you can meet any historical figure? Who do choose? 

Leonardo Da Vinci. Being a renaissance being is the ultimate existence to me. Science/mathematics, philosophy, art, etc etc wow wow yea? yea.

10. Fav aesthetic? Can be for clothing, interiors, drawing style, whatever is fine. 

mori (forest girl) or pastel grunge (I hate these terms aahuU) for clothing 
drawing I do whatever

11. $5000 in cash with no strings attached and it wasn’t gotten through illegal means.  How do you use it?  

Partly help my family, tiny part put in bank to save up, donate the rest unless I have friends who are in need. 

Okie my questions (get ready for some weird shit/I’m overtired and its 330am) :

1. Would you rather befriend a buff dude who poses, flexes, and wiggles his eyebrows every time you look him in the eyes and screams things like “incredible” or “fantastic”, or a spooky ghost that churns out awkward profile descriptions and conversations from dating websites and occasionally makes farting noises with it’s ghost mouth.

2. Talk about a time you accidentally touched a strangers hand

3. when was the last time a family member/friend/significant other caught you doing something embarrassing like breathing (lmao no I mean dancing or singing or shoving your head far within your neck I’m sorry).

4. what was the grossest food combo you’ve ever tried? was it a dare? 

5. Wooly long johns or 80’s waist high spandex leotards?

6. What/when was the longest conversation you had with a thing that was not human? tell me all about it 

7. Any song you quote out of nowhere? do you also do a signature dance with it?

8. Best hilariously timed insult/comeback you’ve ever told?

9. Worst word mixup/messup and the context/reaction?

10. Anything you used to ironically like/say but now truly believe in it’s power, it’s essence

11. give me an exciting aesthetic to imagine

I tag (only if you want to do it, just ignore it if not!):
heilic, unpopularism, higesori , moopflop, tazzylonglegs and actually anybody else that wants to answer my stupid questions feel free

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